Paanch Patti

Card games have been a common occurrence in the Indian culture since ages. We all know about the starry gamble during the night of Diwali where we play card games and try to win and bring some Lakshmi (money) home. Among the card games, the common ones which are played not just in casinos but also Indian households are Paach Patti,Teen Patti, Satte Pe Satta, Rummy, Donkey, Forehead, etc.

One of the most popular card games played by Indian gamblers is Paanch Patti. It’s a version of Flush game which is played with 5 cards. Paanch Patti game is pretty intense and entertaining at the same time. The origin of this game is a credit to the Indian sub-continent itself.

Relish the Paanch Patti game online

From an elite casino in Goa to the simple street players, Paanch Patti game is played everywhere in India. Owing to this popularity, the online casinos too, have adapted the game of 5 Patti on their platform.
There is a slight confusion among certain Indian players whether they can gamble online legally or not. Players should know that the legality of online gambling in India varies from state to state. Say, for example, the state of Maharashtra has maintained a blanket ban on the gambling while the states of Sikkim & Goa have made online gambling legal. Visit our page on Legality of Casinos to have further information on the legal aspects pertaining to casino gaming.

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How to play the Paanch Patti India game?

Around 3 to 7 players can play the game of Paanch Patti with a single deck of 52 cards. To start with, the automated software dealer is programmed to deal 3 cards to all players which are placed face down. Players are required to extend an ante before they can pick the cards.

After the players click to check their cards, they have to assess the strength of their cards. This means they can either go ahead and bet if they have strong cards combination or Pack. This is known as Seen play.

Alternatively, players can entirely skip checking their cards and bet blindly. This is known as Blind play. However, if the players wish to change to seen play, they can change anytime during the game and see their cards.

The betting amount depends on two factors here – the stake amount collected in the beginning and the kind of game (seen or blind) you pick.

Rules for you to play Blind Paanch Patti

If the player before you have decided to play Blind, then you will be required to bet an amount equal to the current stake or an amount which doesn’t exceed double the current stake.

On the other hand, if the player chooses to play Seen, then you will be required to bet an amount half the current stake or an amount that equals the current stake.

Rules for you to play Seen Paanch Patti

You will be betting double the amount of the current stake, in case if the player before you have chosen to play Seen. Again, in case of the Blind play chosen by player before you, you will be required to bet double the amount of the current stake, if not an amount not exceeding four times the current stake.

The game of Paanch Patti continues

Paanch Patti betting is resumed until:

  • All but one player have packed or folded their respective cards, in which case that one player will be considered the winner of that round.
  • All but two of the players have packed their respective cards. In this case, where two players are left at the end, both will be required to show their cards so as to decide which one of them holds the best winning hand.

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