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Teen Patti is the most popular game among various players all over the world, particularly in India. This makes the Teen Patti game among the highest-grossing casino games of all time. Players with a flair for online Teen Patti can play at the various casinos that we feature on our platform. We, at Indian Casinos, take pride in offering the best casinos in India which feature a host of games like Andar Bahar, Panch Patti, Slots, Dragon Tiger, Baccarat, Roulette and Teen Patti Online.

Casinos in Goa and other casinos operating in neighbouring countries are also a part of our casino list. You can be assured of the legality of casinos listed as we thoroughly validate the legal documentation of each casino before vetting them for our platform. Every online casino in Indian rupees is part of our portfolio and offers the best casino games including Indian card games.

Teen Patti Objective and Game Rules

Teen Patti game is a rather simple design Poker game variant. Its simplicity is one of the reasons why the game is so popular among the Indians and elsewhere. Teen Patti can be played both online and offline with a similar set of rules for both formats. The ultimate Teen Patti game has the objective of showing the best 3-card hand after maximising the pot among players. This is done after betting on your hand or anticipation of another player’s hand.

In the game of Teen Patti, aces are ranked the highest and 2’s come at the lowest rung in the ranking. As mentioned before, the aim is to have the best 3 card combination and increase the pot as much as you can, before the time of a showdown. To help you determine if you have a high-ranking combination we have prepared a table that enlists the highest to the lowest rank. To give you a clear idea of how rare these combinations can be, we are also mentioning the probability and details of the sequence.

Type of combination Description Probability(in a deck of 52 cards)
Trail A trail is the highest-ranked combination in a Teen Patti game. If a player has three cards of the same rank, i.e. three A’s or three 8’s etc. it is called a trail. Among the trails also the highest trail is of Aces’ followed by King’s trail and Queen’s trail. Such a combination is quite rare as you can see in the probability column. 0.24%
Pure Sequence The second-highest rank is that of a sequence which has three consecutive value cards of the same suit. For example, if a player gets 6,7 and 8 of Clubs it is called a pure sequence. The highest pure sequence is A-K-Q of any colour. 0.45%
Straight/Sequence If a player gets a combination of cards that are consecutive in value but belong to different suits, it is called a sequence or a straight. The highest and lowest value straights are similar to that of pure sequence, A-K-Q highest & 4-3-2 lowest. 3.71%
Flush/Colour You might have noticed that the game gives special importance if the cards are of the same suit. A flush is when the combination of cards are from the same suit regardless of if they are in sequence or not. If two players happen to have flush combination at once then the one with the highest value card is called the winner. For example, a flush of spade with cards J-6-9 will be the winner to a flush of hearts with cards 10-8-7 as the first combination has the highest card among the six. 8.67%
Two of a kind You might not always be lucky enough to find a trail, but you might find yourself with two cards of the same value. In Teen Patti, a pair of same value cards also holds importance is called a Pair or Two of a kind. Double A’s has the highest value while two 2’s has the lowest value among the Pairs.  25.61%
High card If none of the above combinations come into future but you still manage to play till the end of the game, the result is then decided by looking at the player with the highest card. For example, if two players have cards 7-3-Q and 7-K-5 where none of the combinations are from the same suit, the second player with the cards 7-K-5 will win the game as he has the higher value card among the two combinations. 74.39%


Note: In cases where even the highest value cards are the same in rank combinations such as Flush, Two of a kind and  High card, the winner is decided by looking at the value of the left away cards. Example, if two players have cards J-10-5 and 9-J-6, the winner here will be the player with J-10-6 as he holds the second-highest card after the highest card clash between both the combinations.

Teen Patti Terminologies

Although the game of Teen Patti is one of the most famous card games in India, a player might come across terms that may perplex his/her mind. Therefore, we present a list of terms that are commonly used in a game of Teen Patti, so that you understand the game better than ever before.

When a seen player places further bets on his cards, it is called a ‘Call’ or as Indians call it ‘Chaal’.

The total of the money collected by all the players before the cards are dealt with in the game is called Boot or Ante. However, the boot may be fixed on, it becomes the base bet for the rest of the game. Every bet following the Boot should be equal or more than the Ante.

Teen Patti is a game that lets the player make a last call to leave the game without having to lose much on the board. If the player feels that his cards are not strong enough to fight with others on the board, he can opt to Fold or Pack his cards. However, Ante is nonrefundable.

‘Show’ is a move which compels the last players to face up their cards to each other. The game cannot be continued any further for the two individuals.

A blind player is someone who has not yet seen his cards up-faced in the game but decides to continue placing bets on his cards. Other players on the board can also stay blind by placing an equal bet or by increasing the bet value not more than twice the current stake.

A seen player is exactly the opposite of a blind player. A seen player has seen his cards and if he wishes to continue he will have to bet 2-4 times the stake placed by the blind player before him.

There are limits to the highest bet that can be placed in Teen Patti game. The spread limit is limits fixed by the game provider in advance. A player can increase his bet only to those preset limits.

There are games that do not have preset limits, rather the limit in such games can be to place a bet which is equal to the whole pot. 

Fixed limits are different from Spread limits. A fixed limit game follows a fixed structure of doubling or quadrupling the previous stake. There are no presets, rather just the structure is to be taken care of. 

Not all games have structural or functional limits, you may find games that have no limits. The player can increase the stake as much as he wants.

The game also has a policy to take breaks during the gameplay. However, there are rules that the player must follow in order to take a break. The Ante at the time when the player re-enters the game should be equal to the Ante when he left. Also, when he re-enters the game it is a compulsion for him to post or pay the next deal’s Ante. This compulsive amount is called Post.

Teen Patti Betting and Gameplay

The players randomly choose a dealer and players are dealt with their cards in a clockwise fashion. Every player can choose to put in more bet money to stay on the table or stop betting and fold off the table. Each player is given three cards with a boot amount deducted automatically. The total money in the centre of the table is called Pot. Every player gets a chance to either play “seen” which means looking at their cards before playing or to play or “blind” which means not looking at their cards before betting and playing.

After a blind player chooses to see his hand, he becomes “seen”. At the beginning of the game, the present pot is the minimum bet. After the game starts, players start placing bets, with seen players placing double the bets placed by blind players.

The betting goes on in this process until either of the following takes place:

A Move You Can Make In Between The Game

Above is the normal game process of Teen Patti. However, the normal gameplay can be disturbed by making a certain move that affects only some of the players of the board and not the whole game. This move is called Sideshow. A sideshow happens when a seen players asks the player before him to show his card to him. This is why sideshow is also famously called backshow or compromise. In order to ask his fellow player to do so, the player needs to place a bet twice the current stake. Another condition to look upon before making this move is that all players must be seen players. A sideshow is not allowed even if one player on the board is playing a blind game. 

Even if all the above mentioned conditions are fulfilled, ultimately, it falls on the fellow player’s will if he wants to continue with that request and show his cards side by side. The fellow player might not want to sideshow his cards at various conditions like,


However, if the player agrees for a sideshow, the card hands of the two players are compared privately  and the one with the lower value card is compelled to fold/pack. 

Final Showdown

With players folding up their cards and sideshows eliminating low value card players, the count of players on the board starts to decrease. After the game process is continued till the number of existing players on the board comes down to two, it is time for showdown. Here is when one of the two players asks the other to ‘Show’ their card. The rule for asking a show from the other player can differ at different situations.

In the first situation, the seen player can ask the blind player to show his cards by placing four times the bet of the blind player. In the second situation, any of the two can ask the other to show his cards by throwing twice the stake of the current round. In the third situation, either of the blind players can ask for a show just by paying the current bet. 

Once the players show their cards to each other, the winner is determined by comparing the rank of their cards.

Special Cases in Teen Patti

Just like any other Poker game, Teen Patti also has certain special cases that must be explained to give you a complete idea of all the possibilities in a game.

Variation of Teen Patti Online Game

If you thought that the infamous classic card game of Teen Patti could be played in just one way, then maybe you are wrong. There are various different variants of Teen Patti that you can find in an online casino. Here are they:

Joker Teen Patti

You might be wondering if the Teen Patti has no use of the Joker cards. Well, that is true but not completely. This variant of Teen Patti lets the player use a specific card in place of any card to make it a suitable combination for the game. This specific card is decided by the dealer, who randomly takes out one card and that random card is considered as the joker of the game. For a detailed understanding read the following example. If the card picked out by the dealer is 8 or Clubs. All cards with the same number/ran/strength can now be used as a joker. Which means that if a player gets A-8-Q where the A and Q are of clubs but the 8 is of a different suit, then he can use the joker card of 8 to consider it as a K of clubs to make it a pure sequence. This is a game twisting option provided by the variant and can often change the course of the game. Apart from this rule, rest all the rules are similar to the normal Teen Patti game.

Revolving Joker Teen Patti

The name clearly shows that this variant is closely related to the aforementioned variant. The only difference here is that the joker is keeps changing every time a player folds his cards. It is done so by the dealer picking another random card from the deck when a player folds.

Lowest Joker Teen Patti

This is a, yet another, Joker defining variant of Teen Patti. Here every player gets a joker card, as the lowest value card the player holds is considered as the joker card for that individual. This means that every player has its own Joker and hence, can frame his own high-value combination.

999 Teen Patti

In this variant, the player with the hand value closest to the value 999 is considered the winner. In 999 Teen Patti the highest value card is obviously 9-9-9 and not A-A-A.

Muflis Teen Patti

This variant of Teen Patti is for those who think are not lucky enough to get good cards. The rules of this game are similar to the classic Teen Patti with just one significant change in the rank of the cards. Here, the least value card is considered the highest and the player with the weakest cards is the winner!

AK47 Teen Patti

No, you will not be allowed to shoot the player with a higher-value by an AK-47. You could rather win the game peacefully by preparing a combination with the help of AK47. This variant of Teen Patti allows you to use the cards A-K-4-7 as a joker and hence, its name. You can replace other cards and make a high-rank combination to win.

Face-off Teen Patti

This variant of Teen Patti is similar to the classic game in all aspects except for the number of cards you are dealt with. The dealer here deals only the face-off cards A-K-Q-J-10 to amongst the players. Since there are only 4 set of such cards, the total number of cards you will be playing with is 20. The limited number of cards therefore results in having a capability to accommodate only 6 players in a game.

4x Boot

4x Boot is played just like the classic Teen Patti game. There are no different rules or card sequence in this variant. The difference here comes in the boot value. The boot value here is 4 times the normal boot value which makes the variant a high stake Teen Patti variant.

The Teen Patti Online Experience – Play Teen Patti

The tremendous advancement in technology has allowed casinos to give this classic Poker game a new dimension. The presence of these numerous variants along with the normal Teen Patti variant multiplies the fun of playing the game online. If you choose to play the game online, only then can you avail all these different variants and enjoy to the fullest. Since, the game is now present on the online medium you can now easily play the game without having to worry if you still have the deck of card you bought once last century or not. You can rather simply login to an online casino which offers these games and start playing. Convenient enough!

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