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Other Casinos

We, at Indian Casinos, also have a lot of other casinos listed on our platform, and these range from casinos in Sri Lanka to those in Nepal. These include Casino Pride, Bally’s Casino and Casino Marina which specialize in casino games. Besides this, we have also listed a casino in Goa that is part of the Casino Pride group. Players who are interested to explore other casinos can also play online casino in Indian Rupees, without having to use any other currency. 

While questions are raised about the legality of casino both across India and beyond, we assure you that all our casinos in India, as well as other casinos across Nepal and Sri Lanka, adhere strictly to applicable laws of the country. You can explore the various casinos listed on our website with full assurance of lawfulness, fun, and complete enjoyment.

Nepal Casino
Nepal Casino

Nepal boasts of a number of casinos that have come up in recent years. Many of these are associated with a popular hotel while some continue to be independent. Here are a few popular casino destinations in the country : Casino Pride: Casino Pride is one of the popular casinos we have listed on our platform. This casino is located in the premises of Hotel... Read More

Sri Lanka Casino
Sri Lanka Casino

Sri Lanka, with its gorgeous setting and pristine beaches, offers a perfect blend of cultural heritage and modern style. Needless to say, casinos in its capital Colombo have evolved to popular gambling hubs with a large fan following. Some of the popular ones are: Casino Marina Casino Marina is located in Colombo in the plush area of Marine Drive. This casino is one of the... Read More

Other casinos listed here leave no stone unturned to entertain you, while also giving a chance to increase your payouts substantially. Players in these casinos can now enjoy the same level of the gaming experience as enjoyed by casino patrons in the United States and Europe. The other casinos in Nepal and Sri Lanka also offer bonuses and incentives for its players on a regular basis. These are in the form of cashback or bonus draws for particular games. 

Privacy, security and responsible gambling are also among the core areas of attention for these casinos. No aspect of your personal data is shared with any other individual or entity, while also maintaining confidentiality about your transactions at the casino. Other casinos in Sri Lanka and Nepal also take measures to wean players off gambling addiction, in addition to detection of problem gambling among its participants. 

A large variety of games are now played at these casinos, with their standards being at par with the best in the world. These include slot machines with their numerous themes, Andar Bahar, 5 Card Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack and other card games. Upon combining the gaming experience with world-class infrastructure on offer at these casinos, you cannot differentiate whether you are in Las Vegas or Colombo and Kathmandu. 

Not only this, but a generous dose of entertainment also goes a long way in serving the players of these casinos. Regular performances by celebrities and complimentary food with wine are some of the perks associated with patronizing casinos in Nepal and Sri Lanka. 

The bottom line

Although other casinos at our platform are located in Nepal and Sri Lanka, they are unmatched in terms of their infrastructure, entertainment and games offered to discerning patrons of the online gambling world. 

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