Government Issues To Reopen All Casinos In Goa From Tomorrow

Author : Anurag Manoranjan

Last Updated: September 20, 2021     Published: September 19, 2021

Goa’s casinos are expected to operate after the second Covid-19 epidemic in the nation for the first time since April. With the progressively improving condition in the area, the Pramod Sawant-led BJP administration has gradually opened up its business, although the casino industry has been held together till now.

On Saturday, Goa’s chief minister declared that casinos would only be available to fully vaccinated individuals or those who have a negative RT-PCR certificate. Sawant’s decision came from a suggestion from the State Committee of Specialists composed of physicians and specialists who expressed the opinion that re-opening casinos with stringent and limited standards are safe.

“Casinos are 50 percent capable of opening Monday. The industry must be revived, it must begin. It’s not only the casino business, it’s also the hotel sector. Activities connected to tourism must begin,” stated Sawant.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had urged the Government to restart all economic activities on Saturday with 11,66 lakh individuals for a population of 15,5 lakh already vaccinated in the first dosage at an engagement with State leaders and health professionals.

Goa features six offshore casinos like BigDaddy and over a dozen more in hotels, which provide local residents numerous jobs, as well as earning significant government income. The temporary shutdown of casinos has not only affected the city’s revenue but also has affected tourism operators including hotels, restaurants, and taxis.

Shrinivas Nayak, the manager of Majestic Pride Casino had emphasized that Goa’s casino sector has become one of the most important and necessary components of state hospitality, from being a business add-on for five-star hotels.

He also highlighted that the tourist business in Goa won’t recover its prior progression till the leisure sector becomes better. According to expert calculations, the state government collects around Rs 320 Crores per year from the licenses of casinos.

A delegation of Goa Travel & Tourism Association (TTAG) members met last month with CM Pramod Sawant and asked for the industry to be fully open.

With the state’s economy strongly dependent on the hospitality industry, the Goa Hotel and Travel Area represented the Sawant to communicate the economic pain experienced by the industry as tourist tracks were impacted by keeping casinos and cruises closed.