Delta Corp Approaches the Govt Requesting for Waiver of Casino License Fees

Author : Anurag Manoranjan

Last Updated: October 25, 2021     Published: October 13, 2021

Delta Corp, which is India’s biggest gaming company has approached the Govt of Goa requesting either a waiver or a reduction on its casino license fees for specific periods where the casino had been closed due to the impact of Covid-19. This particular request was followed by the company’s announcement on Monday that the loss for three months to 30th September 2021 amounted to ₹.22.57 Crores.

While the figure has seen a reduction from ₹.28.24 crore in the quarter of June and ₹.54.91 crore in the third quarter of 2020, the company said it has requested a waiver or reduction in license fees for the 1H21 and 3Q21. The request is followed by the closing down of casinos in March, which only re-opened this month with several restrictions in place.

In a statement put forward by the company, it has said that the provision of license fees that are mentioned in the books may not be payable in full or in part according to the direction of the Government of Goa. Apart from losses due to the closing down of casinos, Delta Corp has also reported that income from online games of skill fell year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter to ₹.40.45 crore.