Mind Sports League Launches Hashtag Poker

Author : Anurag Manoranjan

Last Updated: August 11, 2021     Published: August 11, 2021

Mind Sports League, backed by Dabur India Chairman Mr. Amit Burman, is reinventing conventional poker and has developed Hashtag Poker, a one-stop solution for everything poker. The gaming application, which is the parent company’s flagship offering, provides a platform for all poker fans to Learn, Play, and Watch all in one location in a fully risk-free environment.

Hashtag Poker aspires to establish an effective ecosystem by bringing innovative technology, products, and platforms that assist an individual flourish in all aspects, given the growing expansion of the gaming business internationally and in India.

Mr. Akshay Chachra, Co-Founder, Business Head, and CFO, Mind Sports League Pvt. Ltd. Ltd is committed to making poker an entertaining and interactive sport with a strong digital presence, thus stated “Poker is more of a lifestyle which helps in developing life skills such as decision making, hiring, financial planning, job interviews, risk appetite, etc. Since poker is a relatively new game in India, we feel that the adoption and the growth potential of Poker is immense considering 65% of the population comprises GEN Z and Millennials. In fact, Poker has been seeing an upward trend and is growing better than other card games in India. As per industry sources, the Indian gaming industry is projected to grow over 31.7% year on year (“YoY”) due to the growth of digital infrastructure and the significant rise in the quality and engagement of gaming content. Moreover, the gaming industry in India is set to be valued at USD 3.5 billion by 2023, exceeding the Bollywood revenues by USD 0.8 billion.”

This business is getting increasingly immersive, sociable, and entertaining with time. The app has a unique feature of live video format to further encourage growth and narrow the gap in the way people engage in the poker business. The first of its type project ensures a flawless experience for social networking activities and allows young applicants to participate in biggest freeroll tourneys.

India’s poker industry has grown significantly over the years, owing to everything from poker leagues to value-driven alliances, resulting in large-scale expansion of poker operators. The most essential thing is that players understand the sport and participate properly. Mr. Chachra explained the necessity for this new age poker platform, saying, “This new age poker platform offers unique benefits for poker enthusiasts.A lot of people who start playing the sport actually face a lack of knowledge and understanding of the game. To solve this, we have introduced a new concept that will enable poker enthusiasts to ace the game by personalised coaching sessions, structured courses and watching other pro players. The idea is to build an ecosystem which comes to aid the entire poker ecosystem.”

About Hashtag Poker

Hashtag is a one-stop source for anything related to poker. The gaming program, which is a flagship product of the parent business, Mind Sports League, allows emerging and aspiring poker lovers to Learn, Play, and Watch all in one location in a fully risk-free environment. It’s also a location for poker players to interact and network, as well as a way for them to communicate with one another.