Karnataka Cabinet Decides to Ban Online Gambling and Betting

Author : Anurag Manoranjan

Last Updated: September 14, 2021     Published: September 5, 2021

It does not seem to be a good time for online gambling and betting as different states have started banning the activity. Soon after Andhra Pradesh had its say on the issue, the state of Karnataka seems to be the next in line when it comes to banning online gambling and betting. The Karnataka cabinet, in a meeting held on the 4th of September, decided to place a ban on online gambling and betting while also making changes to its lottery and horse racing rules and regulations. 

In order to get things going, Minister J C Madhuswamy, informed people about amending the Karnataka Police Act, with the main intention of banning online gambling, purely on the basis of the High Court’s decision. The cabinet has also approved the amendments in a move to place the same before the assembly. J C Madhuswamy further stated that the draft bill tends to define online games as ones involving all kinds of wagering or betting. 

However, Madhuswamy also mentioned that the bill leaves aside lotteries or betting on horse races that are carried on any racecourse, either in the state or outside. The bill will be tabled on the 13th of September when the upcoming session of the legislature begins. And once that move materializes, Karnataka will become another Southern state that has placed its ban on online gambling and betting. In the past, Tamil Nadu and Kerala have also banned different types of online gambling, with the latter being specific to rummy games. 

While Tamil Nadu had promulgated an ordinance banning online gambling, the High Court of Tamil Nadu, however, lifted the ban.